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Barry Lithium grease
This product variety complete, characteristics, main general lithium grease, extreme pressure lithium grease, molybdenum disulfide lithium grease, lithium complex grease etc.. Even in extreme operating conditions, can also play their excellent lubrication performance
Barry Special high temperature grease
Parts of the lubrication in high temperature environment to ensure long-term normal operation, suitable for high temperatures all kinds of bearings, gears, chains and other mechanical transmission parts lubrication
Barry Calcium sulfonate grease
Good comprehensive characteristics make it in the high temperature, humid, water ( including water ), corrosion, heavy load, impact load exists, still can show its inherent excellent properties, and the grease does not contain heavy metals and other functional additives are harmful to the environment
Barry Bearing grease
Ensure optimum load capacity, and can effectively reduce the friction, the generated heat control at a minimum to ensure lubrication parts of high temperature to work for a long time. On the bearing to provide comprehensive protection, greatly axis extending into life
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