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Advanced Lubricating Oil
Synthetic Lubricating Oil
Barry Synthetic Hydraulic oil series
Barry Synthetic Gear oil series
Barry Synthetic Cutting fluid ( oil ) series
Barry Synthetic Engine oil
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Barry Synthetic Chain oil
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Barry Synthesis of automotive antifreeze
Mechanical processing
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Iron and steel industry
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Engineering machinery
Barry Synthetic Hydraulic oil series
Replace mineral oil optimal hydraulic transmission medium, widely used for high temperature operation in the region close to the heat source of the hydraulic transmission system, prolongs the service life of the machines, reduce the energy consumption of the machine
Barry Synthetic Gear oil series
Outstanding performance of the gear and bearing lubricants, in equipment protection, oil life and trouble free operation and other aspects of performance, is suitable for various harsh conditions of high oil, widely used in all kinds of high precision instruments, equipment, to achieve the ideal lubrication effect and energy demand
Barry Synthetic Cutting fluid ( oil ) series
With the development of advanced manufacturing technology and the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, synthetic cutting fluid for good heat dissipation and cleaning to better ensure a clean work environment. At the same time the more excellent lubricating effect, effectively resist the cutting knife head, drill bits and other parts wear, prolong the service life of equipment and parts
Barry Synthetic Engine oil
High quality synthetic lubricating oil is the "blood" of mechanical equipment, in poor conditions, only qualified lubricating oil can reduce the mechanical abrasion of parts, to ensure the normal operation of machinery products
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