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Advanced Lubricating Oil
Barry Hydraulic oil series
Barry Gear oil series
Barry Cutting fluid ( oil ) series
Barry Rail oil
Barry Bearing oil
Barry Engine oil
Barry Antirust oil
Barry Turbine oil
Barry Spindle oil
Barry Heat conduction oil
Barry Electric spark oil
Barry Punching oil
Barry Worm gear oil
Barry Wire rope lubricant
Barry Knitting machine oil
Barry The crystallizer oil
Synthetic Lubricating Oil
Mechanical processing
Spinning industry
Iron and steel industry
Textile industry
Engineering machinery
Barry Hydraulic oil series
From rust, resistance to oxygen hydraulic oil to develop on the foundation and come, be able to fully protect the hydraulic system in high pressure, high speed and other harsh conditions in the sensitive, stable operation
Barry Gear oil series
Ensure that all kinds of gear device efficiency, prevent tooth wear, abrasion, sintering, prolong its service life, improve the transmission efficiency of power
Barry Cutting fluid ( oil ) series
For a variety of cutting workpiece, machine tool, mold can realize long time protection, and can improve the product surface quality, the final product to provide effective protection
Barry Rail oil
Widely used in a variety of injection molding machine, die casting machine and all kinds of machine tools, machining center, and has a long service cycle, stability, good comprehensive properties can meet your daily needs
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