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When you need to buy or use the times I run industrial lubrication products, only through a simple telephone, fax or e-mail to contact our professional sales or technical support service team, to help you solve the lubrication problem or improve your equipment productivity. Our sales and technical service team have been professional training, has extensive work experience. Relying on companies in the lubrication industry many years of strong base and with the vast amount of internal reference database and expert support, the team has the ability to provide you with the following areas of product information and support services:

1. Barry lubricating oil procurement details.

2.Barry lubricants and lubrication related questions

3.Barry industrial lubrication products specification, application and performance according to the equipment used and / or OEM requirements, recommend appropriate lubrication products, product safety, health and environmental aspects of the problem to help.

Barry industrial lubricants and grease local information source and contact:

The British BARRY Petrochemical Group Ltd

Address:London Park Royal Minerva tract No. 7-11

Barry Shanghai operations center

Address:Shanghai City, Pudong New Area Zhang Yang road 506, room 1103 (The International Building)



Contact person:Albert Xue

Mobile phone:13818127717

Hubei province Anlu City Orson petrochemical limited liability company

Address: 88 Wenchang road Anlu City

Phone: 0712-5223881

Fax: 0712-5220309

Contact person: Chris Chen

Mobile phone: 13385296888


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